After login to the software, swich to AutoProxy tab, and select "Use API" from "API settings" and you need to keep the software staying logged in when you use API:

In software's root folder, there's a sub folder: proxytool and there's a file Autoproxytool.exe under the folder proxytool

Using your own software to launch Autoproxytool.exe with following parameters, then you are able to change proxy automatically.

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy/all use a proxy from any countries.

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy/US use a proxy from US

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy/US/NY use a proxy from US, state: NewYork

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy/US/NY/New York City use a proxy from US, state: NewYork, city: New York City

For the COUNTRY / STATE / CITY it has to be as same as the one from ProxyList section in the soft, its better to check it from the soft first.

-citynolimit you can also use the parameter -citynolimit, for e.g:

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy/US/NY/New York City/ -citynolimit

- which means the API system will first try to get a proxy from the City you set(New York City), If no proxy available from that City, then it will try to get a proxy from the State you set(NY). If proxy is available from that City, it wont try from the State(NY).

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy -ip= to get a proxy by ip or ip block. You can replace * in the ip address to get any proxy from that ip block, e.g: Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy -ip=123.123.*.*


Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy -ip=123.*.*.*


you can also add -hwnd= parameter, Autoproxytool.exe will send WM_COPYDATA message to your soft which launches Autoproxytool.exe, so that your soft is able to get postcheck and more info of the proxy, after -hwnd= you need to pass the Window Handle of your soft which launches Autoproxytool.exe and Autoproxytool.exe will send you WM_COPYDATA message for following info and format:

1. if the proxy successful use by api:

success|ip|Ping|ProxyCountry|ProxyState|ProxyCity|account balance

2. if the proxy failed to use by api:

failed|reason for failure

Examples of how you can use it:

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy/US/NY/New York City -hwnd=YOUR SOFT'S WINDOW HANDLE

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy/US/NY/New York City -citynolimit -hwnd=YOUR SOFT'S WINDOW HANDLE

Autoproxytool.exe -changeproxy -ip=123.123.*.* -hwnd=YOUR SOFT'S WINDOW HANDLE

Auto change proxy from the software:

The features of "AutoProxy Settings" In "AutoProxy" tab, its able to config the frequency to auto change proxy and set delay of time range to auto launch your program. For using this feature, you need to unselect "Use API" from "API Settings"